Sunday, October 10, 2010

Snot much

You know what's stinky?  When  you have a ton of fun plans for the weekend, and they all get derailed by a virus.  Viruses are so small that you can't punch them in the nose, but I sure want to.

So far I've missed riding Pluto, hiking, brunch at Silver Diner, and bricklaying.  (I don't feel too bad about that last one.  )  While I was asleep, JD set the bricks, started the laundry, and got the Halloween decorations out of the basement.  When I got up briefly, he went up in the attic through the hatch in our bedroom and fixed the remote unit for our ceiling fan. And then he made a lasagna.  Meanwhile, I didn't have the wherewithal to take a shower.  It's good that one of us is getting things done, but I'm feeling that our relationship is a bit lopsided this weekend.  I haven't even been alert enough to hold up my end of the conversation most of the time.

According to google, I should stop being infectious some time Monday.  Monday's a holiday.  So I'll be able to go back to work on Tuesday without worrying about my coworkers.  Which I do, you know.  I try not to infect people if I can avoid it.  I feel that it's my civic responsibility not to spread sickness.  I rate it about as high as stopping at intersections where the traffic light is out.

Writing this post constituted my exercise for the day.  I'm going to go blow my nose and sniffle some more.

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