Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not my greatest work

When I hear the phrase "Magnum Opus" I visualize a big nosed penguin with a hearty mustache.

Jury duty went pretty well.  I waited a long time, then I got put in a jury pool for a trial.  Then I waited another long time.  Then they made us stand in a line.  Then we got to leave!  Yay!  And now I'm done for three years, and I didn't have to listen to a lawyer saying *anything*.

The courthouse was kind of nice.  Very pretty stained glass, big wooden art, free hot drinks, and free wifi.  The chairs were kind of hard.  I've stayed in worse motels. 

After I was dismissed, I headed in to work for a few hours.  My calculating skills are severely diminished by the gracious bounty of my 3+ hours of sleep last night.  I couldn't figure out how many hours I should work (to make everything add up to 8) until I got to work and sat down.  Driving took up all my attention and prevented me from doing arithmetic.  Sadly, all my attention was only barely sufficient.  If I didn't already drive like a granny, with a huge gap between me and the poor bastard in front of me, I would have rear ended someone.  Time was passing oddly while I drove.  I'd glance down at the speedometer, look back up, and WHOA THERE'S A CAR!  And then I'd swerve.

Man I hate driving tired. 

I hope I didn't do any damage at work.  Not that my job is driving.  My job requires the use of my brain, and I think it should be fairly obvious by now that my brain has already retired for the day.

*Not a reference.  Double stars are for emphasis.


  1. "Time was passing oddly while I drove. "
    That's ok...time is passing oddly while I breathe, sit up, lie down, um what was I saying? Wha? Oh yeh: head injury. Trade ya for your cold?

  2. No thanks. I'll stick with the snot.