Thursday, October 21, 2010

Maybe it was the oatmeal?

Today rocked so hard.  Nothing big happened.. but nothing went wrong, either.  Woke up rested, had a delicious breakfast (adulterated oatmeal*) and drove on in to work.  Got an answer I needed, spent my day being productive, took TWO walks, bought multiple varieties of apples** at the fruit stand, and visited My Organic Market after work.

I was in such a happy mood today.  I got to play tunes on my tunerator while I walked around, and I sang in the car while driving.  The sunset while I was driving home was freaking fantastic.  Birds were flying around in changing formations in the blue part of the sky, while the sun set glorious fire to the horizon.  I saw some of the weirdest plane trails I've ever seen - it looked like ten little comets with short tails, directly in front of me.

JD asked me to pick up some dinner and surprise him, so I chose some things he doesn't normally get for himself and we had tasty, if bad for us, carryout***.

That nasty tasting crapola the doc gave me is apparently really, really good.  I can't remember the last time I felt this full of life.  Things that would normally be a chore, aren't.  I love it.

Tomorrow I have plans to meet a friend for horseback riding, then I'll go to work afterward.  So I expect tomorrow to be good too.  :)

*Real oatmeal, not instant.  Seasoned with a little ground sea salt, a dab of margarine, some raisins, some walnuts, and Vermont maple syrup.  Slurp.

**Braeburn, Stayman, Fuji, and Gala

***With Stevia-sweetened ginger ale, which was good.

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  1. The Braeburns are delicious. Though maybe they're the Staymans-- I thought the last Braeburns we got were pretty small apples and the one I had today was the Apple of Doom.