Friday, October 1, 2010

In which I do nothing of value

I'm at home today.  I took the day off so that I could trailer Pluto out to a nearby park with horse trails, and then not fall off him.  Ideally.  But then a tropical storm came through, and apparently the park received seven inches of rain.  We thought it might be a little muddy.  So no riding.

But did I go in to work?  No I did not!  I have the day off!  Who would waste that by earning a living?

I'm wearing huge sweatpants (most of my pants are huge at the moment), a comfortable tshirt that proudly proclaims "NERD" on the front, and Crocs.  I've been ingesting various things and almost but not quite sorting things out on my desk.  It took me two hours but I wrote out a board check and put it in an envelope with Pluto's most recent Coggins and vaccination record.  I also compared mortgage rates and pondered refinancing AGAIN before finally deciding it wouldn't save us much.  So really I got a lot done when you think about it.

I almost threw out some junk in a very take-charge-ish way, but I got distracted by the internets. 

I looked out toward the mailbox and hoped my Awesome new Book of Awesome Pictures would show up soon.  Iphoto offered to make a book of pictures I took on my hike, for a nominal sum.  Of course, these pictures were taken on an Iphone.  All very Appley and I bet it predisposes Iphoto to be extra careful with my incredible artwork, but the camera on the phone isn't that great.  Nor am I artistically inclined.  At all.  So likely what will show up is a bunch of blurry photos of things that might be trees, or maybe rocks.  And then I will trap formerly interested former friends and make them look at the book of Awesome, and I will say "That blur right there is a bear!"

A book of pictures about hikes I did.  Because I need more reasons to think about hiking instead of getting things done.
That blur right there?  That's a bear!

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