Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jury doody

I have to report to the courthouse for jury duty tomorrow.  In theory I am cool with this.  Civic duty and all.  But jury duty doesn't happen at some civilized time.  No, you have to be at the courthouse by 7:30.  Normally I've barely finished my cereal by then.  Heck, this morning I turned off my alarm when it went off, and didn't wake up until nearly 8.

I figure to get up, get dressed*, eat, drive to the courthouse, get the shuttle bus from the parking lot to the courthouse**, and be at the jury duty room by 7:30, I'll need to set my alarm for about 5:30.  That's oh dark thirty.  I don't like getting up in the dark.  I don't think well then.  I don't drive well then.  I will definitely be grumpy.

I'll have to drive significantly farther than I do on a normal morning.  In heavier traffic.  Grumpity.

Given that I'm getting over a cold, I will also be coughing a lot.  Maybe they'll excuse me on the grounds that my cough is annoying.

*You have to dress "professionally".  Yeah, I'm a UNIX sysadmin.  Professional for me is a tshirt with something rude on it, and jeans.  Or sweats.  Or, whatever.  You know.  Stuff.  Usually but not always with no extraneous holes.

**The courthouse is in a tiny, tiny town.  The building was greatly expanded a few years back.  The town is so tiny that there isn't room any more to park at the dang courthouse.  You have to park at a nearby large parking lot and get a shuttle over.  The courthouse has been rebuilt twice after fires.  They couldn't have decided to bag it and rebuild somewhere with enough room?  Sheesh.
This IS my professional attire!


  1. Re your shirt. Maybe a little respect for the court, its participants and all it represents might not have been out of order. The time or two that I've been in a courtroom I was deeply sad. My feelings would have been hurt if a jury member thought the proceedings were funny enough to wear a beer shirt that would have been more suitable for a tailgate party or an IT person to wear at work. Compassion is cheap, pass it around when you can.

  2. Fwiw, anonymous, that was what I wore to work. The courthouse got a button down striped shirt.