Friday, October 22, 2010

You know what, Friday? You suck.

You started out nice with the darkness and the warmth, but then you scared the crap out of me when I turned on the light and there was a man in my bed.  You couldn't have warned me that my husband called in sick?

So he tells me that Tara is sick, so no riding buddy.  And then you got worse, Friday.  You had aches up your sleeve.  By the time I was halfway through the cereal I realized that I was not going to be enjoying riding.  I was going to be putting on work clothes and trundling into the office.  Because I had to be there ANYWAY so I might as well be grumpy and achy there as anywhere else.

Oh, and Friday, this isn't your fault (It's Thursday's) but those bastards took my vending machine.  Craving chocolate?  Too bad!  Ha ha!  You can't have any.

And then, Friday, you played the trump card.  Migraine.  You sneaky, evil day.  And not just a regular migraine.  No, you gave me the kind that makes my face go numb.  So my head hurts AND I feel like I've had dentistry.

After all that, I craved comfort food.  And despite the fact that I grew up in Redneckville, my comfort food involves miso soup.  So after a suitable wait and some kitty cuddling*, JD and I went to the local sushi joint and got comfort food.  And it was good.  I'm calling it early Saturday.  Because Friday obviously wasn't up to the job.

*Not a euphemism

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