Saturday, October 9, 2010

Not so much with the rhythm and the circles

My day so far has consisted of sleeping, eating, sleeping, and also eating.  No dressage.  No farm.  No horses at all, except for the ones on the awesome cowboy boot slippers my sister in law gave me for Christmas several years ago. 

It appears to me that I have contracted a cold.  I started to be suspicious last night when I got a sore throat and a sore shoulder.  Now, I had managed to choke on my tea (it's a gift) and my shoulder might have had a reason to be sore.  So those two things could be ignored, as much as is possible.  But then I didn't fall asleep last night.  I lay awake and became sad.  Someday I would die, and then JD would be alone.  I lay there sniffling, feeling bad about the future.  I was aware that I was being irrational.  I was aware that it was a mood swing.  But there was not one thing I could do about it.  Finally, well into Saturday, I fell asleep.

Saturday morning my throat felt like a carpenter had been at it with his tools.  And I couldn't lift my arm.  Stupid germs.  I ate some and went back to bed.  I woke up at 5 pm.  When I nap, I take it very seriously.  None of your silly cat naps for me.  I nap like a lion.

By 5 I was very hungry and thirsty.  I came downstairs and started eating and drinking.  I haven't stopped yet.  But I think soon it will be time for a shower and then more sleeping.  If it is possible to sleep through a cold, I wish to do that.

With luck and lots of napping, I'll get out and ride Pluto this weekend.  I still want to enact my pattern plan.  And, you know, not fall off.

Not napping as impressively as me.

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