Monday, October 25, 2010

Get me out of here!

I'm at a technical conference today. I'm surrounded by strangers, mostly men. There are a few women at most of the booths, trying to catch my eye so they can make a sale. Unfortunately I have no budget. I'm here for information only. 

I am interested in the talks or I wouldn't have come, but being in this environment is making a large, loud part of my brain scream "Do not want!". Especially after reading on facebook that a hiker friend only has 18 weeks to go until his thruhike starts. I have Springer Fever and I have it bad. 

It is just a hair from unbearable that I won't be thruhiking again. I have a husband, pets, a home,  and a job. Those things, in that order, keep me home. Out of love, mind you. But nevertheless home. 

Maybe I need therapy?  At the moment I want to leave more than I want my next meal. 


  1. You do seem pretty miserable since you returned :(

  2. That's the way it is in our house. You're pretty happy with life, but you'd also love to be on the trail right now. Beauty's pretty happy with her life, but she'd also love to be cleaning up cat food right now. I'm quite happy with my life, but I'd also love to be on a road trip. And the Old Man... okay, well, he hates life and wants us all to die in a fire, but not before we put down more gooshy food. But most of us have things we also love that don't involve the usual daily family routine...

  3. Indeed, JD.

    I only have the facebook and blog posts to go by.. Amy - I am glad that you are not miserable