Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Forecast: Weird, with a dumb front in the afternoon

I'm feeling a little weird, Internet.  The generic Dayquil is going to my head.  Finally.  The first three days, my cold was so mighty that the Dayquil barely made a dent.  I'd pop a couple of pretty orange liquid capsules, and then bitch vigorously about how it wasn't working while I made honking noises and ejected several liters of fluid from my nose.  Then it would wear off and the flow would increase.  It's a cliche, but "Niagara" comes to mind.

Today it's working pretty well.  Which is good, because there isn't much skin left on my nose.  But now I have that fuzzy feeling.  There is an invisible cone of silence around my head.  Also, I've lost the ability to do arithmetic.

I'm thinking (barely) that a heavy viral load cancels out Dayquil, kind of like how adrenaline cancels out alcohol.

Right around bedtime last night my cold hit the coughing stage.  I bet that was pleasant for my beloved, two feet away from me.  His breathing had just gotten nice and regular when I started coughing.  And then I could tell he was awake.  Rest?  Who needs rest?  We'll just have more caffeine.

I'm telecommuting today.  Because of the snot infesting my head, my mental processes are slow.  (Snot inhibits the firing of neurons due to its insulating properties.  Fire retardant properties.  It's like that purple goo in Warehouse 13, it dampens the magic.)   I don't trust myself to type shell commands.  I barely trust myself to delete emails.  Luckily for me, I get paid whether I'm dumb or not.  Although I guess if the dumbness went on long enough, that might change.

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