Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome! Mostly to me.

I'm coming here from Trailjournals, where I wrote daily about my life on the Appalachian Trail.  I didn't break any speed records, and I had to come home before I finished.  But it was pretty awesome anyway.

I'm a long time computer nerd working for the federal government.  I should say working "at" the federal government, because I'm not a civil servant.  Not that I'm bitter.

I like to hike.  A lot.  This year I took six months off to hike on the AT.  I'm home now, but I still want to hike.  Going back to work was about as deflating as you'd think.  Living for half a year with no responsibilities but feeding myself and finding the next water source was really, really nice.  I can only hope that my horrible memory kicks in soon and erases some of it, so I feel better about being back in the real world.

Now that I'm home again, I'm spending time with my husband (missed him horribly on the trail), dog, cats, and horse.  The horse is the main focus of my entertainment now, to his relief.  The dog and cats had somebody to scritch their bellies.  The horse hung out in his field and wondered where everybody had gone.  


  1. I know that deflating feeling. As soon as I stepped foot back in the house after what seemed like a short 77 day jaunt, I wanted to be back out on the road again.

  2. You should add a link in the sidebar to your trail journal, to keep the continuity. I'm looking forward to reading your blog.