Thursday, December 30, 2010

At least I still have my joie de vivre

I just spent about an hour reading  Texts From Last Night.  It's hilarious, but it also reminds me how much my life has changed.  I mean, when was the last time I stayed out until dawn, drunk, after trying to get a cute boy's attention?  When was the last time I dragged home hungover the day after?  When was the last time I did anything wacky?  Not recent, I'll tell you that.  For one thing, my hangover starts immediately these days.  I spent some (unrelated) time today thinking it was almost sad that when you're young and can drink a lot without too much obvious damage, you don't actually appreciate alcohol.  Now that I like good wines and beers, I can't have hardly any or I feel like crap.  Right away.

And I don't hang out trying to get cute boys' attention because I already have a man at home, and his attention isn't that hard to get.  TOTALLY LEGAL SEX.  They don't emphasize that enough when they talk about marriage.  People are all "mortgages, arguing, boredom, blahdyblahdyblah" and they leave out the part about the condoned nookie.  And the lack of STDs and remorse.  I feel that this should be emphasized more.

Also, I'm not up until dawn because I totally appreciate the value of a good night's sleep, which I did not when I was the age of most of these texters (I'm pretty sure they're in the 20-25 range..)  I figure all the fun stuff can probably happen before 9 pm, which still leaves me time to clean the litter box and read a chapter.  Not that I'm boring now.  Not that I just read a book on the legal and historical basis for the founding of Shenandoah National Park, or anything.

Okay yeah, I'm rocking the middle aged lady routines over here.  But with style, I like to think.

Crap, I don't even have style.  Joie de vivre?

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