Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"and a kitten in a fir tree" (sing it with me now!)

I have listened to (and participated in) nonstop bitching about the recent cold weather. We are all spoiled, people!  It was a strangely warm fall and we all got used to it.  So while I totally empathize?  Get used to it!  This is how it is *supposed* to be.  December = cold.  Xmas = cold.[1] [2]

That said, I still didn't go for a walk today.  I need warmer pants.  I did take the stairs up and down from the server room a number of times, in penance.  My beloved is continuing to run in this weather and I admire him for it.  Though possibly you feel warmer when you run.  Maybe I'll try that.

I met up with Kobi for lunch, which was a hoot.  Except the part where I somehow left my wallet at work.  There I was, driving like a maniac on amphetamines, and no license in my pocket!  If you're going to get pulled over you should definitely be carrying a license.  I drove back to work very soberly, after Kobi paid for lunch.  (Argh.)  We are redoing lunch soon, so I can buy the meal in return.  And also for more talking, because most of my conversation consisted of "Om nom nom" and "OMG I can't believe I left my wallet."  So I'm pretty sure there are some more topics we need to cover.

My naturopath will be put off, but I got a flu shot this evening.  (With wallet!  You can do many things if you have a wallet, including having a nice lady stick you with a needle and jam nasty bugs into your arm.  The world is a weird and wonderful place.)  I will be spending time with five underaged family members soon, not to mention hordes of travelers.  Everybody knows that both of those categories are just crawling with disease.  My immune system needs all the help it can get.[3]

In the Daily Kitten Update, I am pleased to announce that all three kittens made it to the main floor today.  Everybody is interacting with everybody.  Andy has not yet gotten a kitten to chase him, but he has gotten very close.  Nazca finally quit whining about his brother and sister abandoning him and crept downstairs.[5]  Oliver and Dory tooks turns pouncing each other and trying to destroy the tree and the curtains. It was *just* how it should be.  I am happy.  You can't imagine how much I look forward to coming home to kittens right now.

Oh, and also?  When I got home tonight?  Cookies!  I smelled them baking right as I came through the front door.  We have lit up trees and kittens and cookies.  It's the *best*.

[1] Before you start complaining about my use of Xmas, please read hear on the historical basis of the word Xmas:

[2] Not that I haven't had shorts on during the holidays before.  That one year in the 70's it was so dang hot.  It just felt wrong.  Which leads me to believe I would have problems with the Southern hemisphere and holiday timing.

[3] Nonetheless, I'm sure I will be calling in bedridden immediately after the holidays.  With luck I'll make it to New Years first.  Maybe I'll have the flu on a weekend so I don't use any leave time.  I am making big hiking plans for my leave next year.[4]

[4].. but not as big as this year's. Sadly.

[5] He immediately ran back up, of course.

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