Thursday, December 23, 2010

Coke plus Benedict plus hugs = all better

Today was a day full of love, starting from about ten AM. Prior to that it was full of a migraine and a hot "flash" that was more like an extended prairie fire. Neither one led to successful sleep, so you can imagine the cheerful and friendly mood I was in when I eventually gave up trying to rest and faced the world as represented by my husband. Isn't he lucky to be married to me, with the migraines and the bitching? I'm certain he agrees. 

His delightful self found me a diner to eat at where I could have eggs Benedict and a gallon of coke while I marinated in sorrow and Imitrex. I don't recommend either with breakfast, but eventually the synergy kicked in and I began to resemble a human being again. And then we went to see my family. 

Then, mass love and hugs and kisses and a jigsaw puzzle, and I accidentally got the pug in trouble by letting her lick me. Sorry, Nev. Didn't know it was verboten. I needed me some puppy time though. 

The day absolutely flew by. I got to talk to everybody except my brother and my oldest nephew, as usual. Some day we will have a conversation. Perhaps 2020 after everything settles down a bit?  Well, maybe 2025. I wouldn't want to rush anything. It's just that I got to talk to my brother once in 2005 and it was really nice. He turns out to be extremely articulate and intelligent. (Who knew?) and my nephew seems to be taking after him so chances are good he can do this talking thing also. Possibly after adolescence. 

I hated to leave but we all have to sleep sometime, I sincerely hope. After some Benadryl, perhaps. And aided by one of my aunt's amazing caramels, which I might have to share with my husband. Possibly there was something in our vows about it. I could have said anything, really, the whole day was a blur. 

In the morning, more family. This time I hope to marinate in less Imitrex and more baby smiles. 

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