Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why I admire parents of young children

Today I spent time with my littlest niece and nephew. And while I love them dearly, they remind me why I don't want kids.  They want and need nonstop attention. It was exhausting just to watch them in action, and I wasn't even responsible for anything.  I am in awe of their parents (and by extension all parents) who live on not enough sleep, day after day. Or month after month, even. I don't do well after even one night of not enough sleep. 

Constantly having to convince kids to eat, or to rest when they're tired, is a job that goes on and on. For YEARS. How has the human race survived?  Obviously through the sacrifice of a lot of amazingly dedicated parents. 

Hey Mom? You are hereby absolved for all those times I said "Mommymommymommy" and you said "not right now" and my three year old self was offended. I totally get it now (only thirty-seven years later!)

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