Thursday, December 2, 2010

A typical Thursday

Pluto was fine when I got there today, although as far as I can tell he hadn't drunk anymore water.  I started to worry, then pondered how many times I could remember seeing him drink water (none) and decided to let it go.  He did a victory lap around the field and then zeroed in on the manure pile, where he pulled a piece of hay out to eat.  So really the question is not "why did he colic?", it's "why doesn't he colic every day?" and also "how is such a smart horse so dumb?"

I attempted to clean the stall he spent the night in, but was stymied by the lack of a wheelbarrow or bedding.  So I left it with a pile of trashed bedding in the middle of it.  Welcome Bonnie!%

Not finishing the stall left  me with time to meet my beloved for lunch, wherein I got free french onion soup.%%  Mmmmm soup.  Love soup time of year.  Which is pretty much 12/12 for me, but who's complaining?  I like soup.

I kicked JD out of lunch and went shopping.  You may or may not be the recipient of an after-lunch Xmas gift, in which case I love you.  If you are not the recipient, I may love you anyway but just not have found the right gift.  The manufacturers are not making the things in my head, which is a pity, because I have wonderful things in my head.%%%

After after lunch, I stopped by the house to gather up Trouble's remaining medical supplies.  JD and I had agreed to donate them back to the animal hospital%%%% where he received all his treatment.  Especially the Aranesp, which is freaking expensive and a damn shame to waste.  Not that I wish anemia on anybody, but I hope somebody needs it before it expires. 

I gifted the hospital staff with Aranesp and sharps%%%%% and then asked to meet the kittens.  JD had taken pictures of them before, jailed in a crate in the middle of the waiting room.  He had mentioned how we didn't have enough cats.  And when we were there on Tuesday to kill Trouble (6), I saw them and they looked just the right amount of insane for me.  We don't need nice furniture or untroubled sleep.  We need cuteness abounding!  And also the opportunity to pet more critters.

I petted critters.  They were freaked out not to be in a crate and to have a stranger petting them.  After a while I returned them to the crate, and then I had a decision to make.  Did I know anything about these cats? (7)  Did I care? (8)  Pretty much with kittens, especially kittens that have been in a weird situation, you're taking a leap into the unknown.  And if you know me, you may find this weird, but I am okay with taking a leap into the unknown.  When it comes to adding a new animal to my life, anyway.  You really don't know what they will be like two weeks after they enter your household.  And that's okay.  Once you've made the decision to live with them, they're family.  And you work with family.  You work around them, if necessary. (9)

Anyway, tomorrow I am going back to apply for adoption of two black kitties. Hijinks may ensue.  Or pictures. (10)

%Sergio said he'd take care of it.

%%Inasmuch as JD paid for it.

%%%Such as items with a tiny label reading "I Am Loved by Mrs Joy"


%%%%%Look how medical-sounding I am.

6)  Call it what you want, it's killing.

7) No.

8) No.

9) Unless they are heinous child abusing axe-murderers, but I expect six month old kitties not to have gotten to that stage yet.

10) Though in my experience it is hard to take pictures of black cats.

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