Friday, December 3, 2010

I accidentally got three kittens today

JD and I talked it over, and we were definite.  I was going to apply to adopt the two kittens.  So in the morning I trundled over to the vet's office with two crates, and asked for an application.  They said there was already an application in, so it wasn't definite.  I didn't think that was the end of the world, because if the kittens got good homes then great!

 But I was still going to fill out an application.

Somebody else came out and I said I wanted to adopt the kittens, and she said "All three?"  What?  Three?  There are only two in crate.  I looked twice.

Turns out a third was in back after having been spayed.  The boys kept taking her Elizabethan collar off so they were separated.  But she needed a home too.

I called JD.  "JD, there are three."  (pause)  "Three?"  You had to be there .  His voice was hilarious.  It was like I had just told him I was having triplets.  In the end he left it up to me to make the decision, but if I wanted to bring them all home it was okay with him.  Both of us felt that two months was too long to have been waiting for a home.

They brought number three out from the back.  She had on the cone collar and she had stitches in her tummy.  And she was adorable.  I fell in love immediately.

So the other application?  Was us.  When I called to ask about the kittens last night?  Yeah, they just kind of penciled us in.  The first person I saw just didn't recognize me in my hat when I walked in.  So they figured out I was *that* person, and all was well.  I never did fill out an actual application. 

Also?  Four of the vet staff did a spontaneous dance when I said I'd take them all.

The two boys are currently hiding, terrified, behind a dresser in my camping gear room.  The girl is in the guest room.  She is not terrified.  She is fun and interesting and interested and all things good.  I claim her as mine.

She gets her collar off on Sunday, then she can go back in with the boys.  And around then we should be able to start slowly introducing the kittens to Andy, Beauty, and our ginormous (to a kitten) house.  Yay for new kitteny chaos in the household!

No names until we know them better, and no pictures until they come out of hiding and/or stop moving so fast.  Girl kitten is out and about but I can't quite get her to hold still for a picture.  The boys are too squished for real pictures, plus it's just dang hard to photograph a black cat.  Perhaps tomorrow.

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