Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year to me, Happy New Year to me..

On the last day of 2010, here is what I did:

Slept in until 9:30 (despite a dog who wanted to get up, and who eventually woke JD)
Ate delicious texas toast-style french toast
Took down the two Christmas trees and wondered where the kittens hid the missing ornaments
Met Tara to ride out at the farm.
Felt bad after Pluto pooped on her.  Like Tara wasn't having a bad enough day.
Bought Taco Bell for my ailing sweetie
Made a "year in pictures" movie [1]
Baked goodies to take across the street to my neighbors' house for our happening NYE fiesta
Spent four hours chatting and was surprised at how quickly the time went
Stayed awake until midnight!
And kissed my sweetie to bring in the new year

I hope the last one is one of those "many more" type things.

Tomorrow I will start with a clean annual slate.  For myself I hope for good health, weight loss, joy, good horsemanship, a continued happy marriage, and a good attitude toward dealing with the government.  For all the rest of you, let's just leave it at good health and joy.  May each and every one of you enjoy the life you so richly deserve, full of love and happiness.

To my thruhiker friends, should any of you happen to read this:  I miss you so very much.  I hope that back in the "real world" you are succeeding in the many things you thought about as you walked all day, every day, for two thousand miles.

[1] Enjoy!  Or at least don't be catty.

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  1. Nice video, Amy. I hope 2011 is as "action packed". Happy New Year to you and JD.