Saturday, December 11, 2010

I haul my old bones around

Somehow I didn't have any booze last night, and yet I woke up hungover this morning.  That's talent.

I stayed up way too late rereading "The Graveyard Book" and didn't get to sleep until 1:30.  At 10:47 I rolled over, checked the clock, and realized it was well past morning.  And as I got out of bed, I realized that most of my plans for the day were not going to  happen, because I was feeling old.  Lordy.  So old.

My beloved made me a breakfast burrito, and then I sat around and waited for the blood to start flowing to all my parts again.  When it became obvious that I was going to continue feeling old all day, I put on my shoes and left the house.

I visited Pluto, who contrarily was feeling FANTASTIC.  Like, bucking snorting and farting fantastic.  He galloped up to me, ate his cookies, and when I tried to take off his blanket he took off.  He left me in a hail of dirt clods as he galloped and bucked to the other end of the field.  The next ten minutes went about like that, but I did finally get his blanket off.  I called Sergio and told him I wanted to blanket a lot less this year, and I left Sergio a printout of conditions for blanketing.  Chilly and wet, cold and windy, or very cold.  (With actual temperatures, in the instructions.)  Stinker doesn't need to be coddled as much as Sergio tends to.

It was good to see the horse looking energetic.  I'd say he is fully recovered from his colic last week.  Bonnie was there with Mystery, who looked very sedate.  Being the funny lady she is, she nodded at my (bucking and running) horse and asked if I wanted to ride today.  Ha!  Yeah, I'm not really a rodeo rider.  I'll ride on the days when the horse is NOT insane.  Plus I was in sweatpants, not having planned on riding while I felt like I was 80.

Re:  being 80.  I think my body is working up a response to the flu shot I got earlier this week.  Not a huge one.  Just some aches and swollen glands.  Just enough to make me feel like I was slightly beaten yesterday.  Probably I'll feel fine tomorrow, right on time for it to be too rainy out to do anything.

After my brief farm visit I braved the crowds to buy a few more Christmas presents.  I think I'm mostly done now.  I used up most of the tape this evening, so I'll have to buy more to finish the wrapping.  And Dory shredded the wrapping paper on the first box I wrapped, the little beast.  Presents are now getting stowed behind closed doors until it's time for unwrapping.  A pity.  I love seeing all the presents around the tree before Christmas morning.  But we knew we weren't going to be able to have nice things when we got kittens so no big surprise there.

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