Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another excellent day

this immediately made me think of Sweth

 My day started with snuggles.  Which, not to be overly familiar, is wonderful.  Is there anything better than being warm and snuggled up against a loved one?  If  there is please don't tell me, because I'm happy this way.

I went out to see Pluto and was not thrilled with the level of ice and snow on the various passageways, so I just groomed him some.  By February I will likely be unimpressed, and think nothing of walking half a mile on ice.  But just now it gives me pause.  So instead I groomed his Rasta-mane.  He hates that.  How on earth does the horse get so many wind-knots?  I did the unforgiveable, as I do so easily.  I cut it.  Again.  I really don't get why this isn't "done".  I mean, I was always taught that you never, never cut a horse's mane unless you're banging or roaching.  But from my vantage point, it looks like pointless elitism.  I dislike elitism.  And Pluto dislikes having his mane fscked with.  And so it is cut.  If I keep it short enough it doesn't get wind knots.

This evening we went to a fairly early dinner at McCormick and Schmick's.  JD had bought me gift cards for it last Christmas.  I put them in a drawer and forgot about them.  I found them again recently and we decided to go.  We went to the National Harbor location, which was quite pretty.  And the food was outstanding.  A good time was had by all two of us.  I'd describe the food, but they have a daily changing menu so it's not like you'd be able to go there and try it.  So what's the point, then?

Anyway some of the items were seared tuna, sea scallops, sauteed spinach (a personal fave), rosti potatoes (i.e. fancy hash brown), four red wines, some kind of chocolate trio, and upside down apple pie.  And it was fabulous.  Afterward we went to the Peeps store, which I didn't even know EXISTED, let alone existed right there.  I love me some Peeps.  But we didn't buy any.  I was too full to think about buying puffy sugar.  I did, however, take pictures.

Don't worry, David, we didn't buy this for you.  But we thought about it.  Love, your relatives.

Peep of doom

I didn't care to walk or ride a horse up this

An overwhelm-ment of peeps

Me fake-smiling at a fancy dinner

Two of my favorite people

Proof that JD dresses nicer than I do

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