Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stocking stuffers for your thruhiker

Someone you love going on a thruhike?  Don't know what to get them?  Here are some ideas.

$14  Long handled titanium spoon (the plastic ones don't hold up).  Good for getting down into ziplock dinners without getting your hands all nasty.

$45 Petzl Zipka Plus Headlamp - plenty bright, plus red light for at night so you don't blind everybody.

$18  Swiss Army knife.  Use the knife to slice cheese.  Use the scissors for everything else.

~$6 No link, but go to Walmart.  Go into the garage/car section.  Buy a 50' length of lightweight nylon utility cord, in a bright color like red or yellow.  It should be about 1/8 to 1/4 inch diameter.  It makes an excellent bearbag line.  It's bulky but lightweight and doesn't tangle or mildew.  Should have a weight strength of 75 lb or so.

$27 Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Gloves.   Comfy, washable, easy to get in and out of.

$8 to $13 (or free if you have Reflectix to make it yourself) A pot cozy.  Keeps the contents of the pot hot after you cook.  Can be used to continue cooking your food after your stove burns out.  Technically doesn't fit in a stocking, but..

$12 An alcohol stove.  This one is nice because you can sit your pot right on it.

$3 Mosquito headnet.  Nearly weightless, and invaluable when the gnats are bad.  Which is often.

$20 A Buff.  It's kind of like a bandana, kind of like a neckwarmer, and useful for many things.

$4 A plain old cotton bandana or three.  Very, very useful.  The swiss army knife of clothing.

Variable price.  Check out for single servings of almost everything.  Shampoo, coffee, and most importantly food.  Wouldn't some hummus taste great on the trail?

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