Friday, December 24, 2010

OMG practically illegally yummy pancakes

Benadryl pretty much rocks. I slept so hard that I woke up with a new Mohawk and with drool on my face. I was sleeping like a rock star. Possibly I assaulted a photographer. But I got the camera so nobody can prove anything. 

The whole family went out for brunch to a restaurant called Toast. It's a breakfast and lunch only place that specializes in French toast and pancakes. Three of us got pancake flights, which involved four small stacks of your choice of pancakes. I got Smores, blueberry lemon, strawberry banana, and peach cobbler flavors. It was very much like having dessert for breakfast. Possibly the best thing in the restaurant, however, was the tree. It was decorated with slices of toast. I'd put up a picture but I'm writing on my iPhone tonight and it is not so much with the features. 

Everybody who didn't get pancakes received cold food which should not have been served cold. The worst example was the eggs Benedict. Cold hollandaise? Yikes!  So our visit had very mixed results. 

This evening the seven of us plus two more grandparents trekked out to the zoo, which was decorated to the nines with lights. You couldn't see many animals, but it was a pretty magical walk around the place. I have never seen a better light display, nor one better supplied with cotton candy. A fine evening, all in all. 

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