Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reflections on 2010

What a year.  I had a little bit of downtime today (while computers were doing things) to reflect.  It was year of big things.  I flew to Oregon.  I was away from my husband for five months.  I hiked 1350 miles.  I turned 40.  I gained a new nephew.  I found a corpse.  I got Lyme disease again.  I discovered my horse's brain.  I adopted three cats.  I flew to Colorado.

That is a lot of stuff for one year.

It has been a year of wacky changes, physically.  I lost a ton of weight while hiking, despite eating with gusto the whole time.  Then I came home and had a huge appetite and gained weight.  And then I stress ate and gained weight.  And then it was the holidays and the food was awesome and I gained weight.  Thus, I will be starting the new year with a diet.  It may or may not cause me to lose weight, but I know the attempt will at least make me feel good about myself.

Despite my Jabba-like physique, I am fairly content with myself and my health these days.  Three years of yoga has led to a significantly more happy existence.  I hardly ever have backaches anymore, and if I do it's because I've done something REALLY dumb.  As opposed to before yoga, when I could hurt myself by bending over.  Having a large hunky husband to do all the heavy lifting doesn't hurt either.

Said large hunky husband has also helped my mental state.  I'm just generally happier than I used to be.  And, data center moves excepted, less stressed.  I feel like I'm (mostly) the person I always wanted to be.  I still strive toward goals, but they are not earth shattering goals.  If I don't make it all the way it's okay.  For me, the important thing is the journey.  It's the day to day "I love you" and hugs and doing my best.  I will never be Martha Stewart, or a super model (or a regular model for that matter) or a spectacular athlete.  But I strive to keep a better house, take care of myself, and enjoy exercising.

Possibly I should strive to be a better sysadmin but frankly I think that boat has sailed.  What I am is what they get.  I ain't getting any smarter over here.  Happier, yes.  Smarter, no.


  1. Eh, don't know how much smarter you might get but you're pretty thoughtful and snuggly. More than most people are.

  2. Personally Amy, I think you are a remarkable, strong, sometimes inspirational woman! I admire you for thru-hiking, enjoy your writing, love your sense of humor, and I'm a pushover for a good, later-in-life love story. :-) Thanks for being a friend!