Sunday, December 5, 2010

My kitten-enhanced long weekend comes to a close

Today was a big day of exploration.  For the kittens, anyway.  Dory woke me up at six by scraping her cone against the door of her room and mewing.  So I got up and we went out and explored.  After a brief runin with Andy, (during which no violence occurred), she decided that was enough exploration of the first level and went back upstairs.

We let her stay in with her brothers today and that went well.  We hope that they follow her example and come out and look around a little more.

This evening I removed Dory's cone.  The vet's office said it needed to be on two more days.  It's been three days and two nights.  So good enough, right?  I hope.  I guess we'll see over the next couple of days.

We're trying to slowly reintegrate the household.  This evening I cracked the kitty room door open and went downstairs to watch tv.  All of them, even Nazca, at least came out and looked down the stairs.  Beauty and Andy wanted to go upstairs but I decided the arm's length view from different floors was probably for the best tonight.  They got to wander around for an hour before we called it a night, and all are now sequestered back in the kitty room.  Shew.

I felt pretty tired after my early wakeup so I took a nap this morning.  It was awesome.  I haven't had a nap in so long!  I've tried, but haven't been able to fall asleep.  So I was thrilled to drift off.  Napping time feels so much more intense than regular sleeping time, don't you think?  It's the "screwing around when you have work to do" factor.  If you have nothing to do, just sitting around is boring.  But if you're supposed to be busy, sitting around is *the best ever*.  Hence the awesomeness of napping.

My long weekend of not stressing or seriously exercising has felt nice and lazy, but I'll be happy to get back to work tomorrow.  I'm starting to get kind of achy from the sitting around.  I mean, I haven't just been sitting around, there's been walking and carrying and stuff.  But not several miles worth, you know what I mean?

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