Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hate it when I'm right

I was right. I hurt all over. Also I've had a crappy day, starting with the pull tab ripping off my sugar free, caffeine free, artificial sweetener free, everything free Ginger ale. Which, yes, I drink with breakfast. Don't look so superior, that latte you had isn't any better for you.

Add in engineers mistakenly deleting firewall rules, remote users trying to login to a machine with the credentials for another, snow composed of Teflon and snot, and drivers who slow to fifteen miles an hour because they see snow somewhere near a road... And you have one unhappy me.

Oh and my wiper blades froze over. Can't forget that. Icicles do a crappy job of window cleaning. By the time I got home I was looking through a five inch arc of clear glass.

And the support person who supposedly got back to me in early November, except I have no recollection of it. Good thing I didn't wait around, because the data would have been lost by now. Anyway she got in touch with me today.

I realize people have had worse days. Hell, *I* have had worse days. Nonetheless, I am done. Toast. Stick a fork in me.

The love of my life made dinner and cleaned the litter boxes. Which just shows how wonderful he is. But I already knew that. Now I'm going to watch tv and then go to bed early. Perhaps tomorrow will start more genially.


  1. I use Bosch ICON blades. Have the resident gearhead find you a set. No more freezing up.

  2. This is probably the wrong time to ask, but why do the fscking engineers have access to modify the firewall rules?!

  3. They're network engineers. That's actually their job.