Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yoga class goes hardcore

Yoga kicked my ass tonight.  What with one thing and another, I haven't been to class in at least a month.  But it was not just my sorry behind being out of shape.  Others agree that it was a harder class than usual.

I don't usually "feel the burn" during yoga, nor am I shaky walking out.  I sure was today, though.  Ow.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to hurt tomorrow.

And what's worse is I won't have another class until mid-January.  It's run through the community center, and there are always weird gaps between sessions.  So any strength I may have gained today will be of no use to me because I'll just be slack again in the middle.  Yogawise, that is.  I just don't push myself as hard as my yoga teacher does.  I'll walk, and run, and maybe ride, weather permitting.  But it doesn't work the same muscles as interminable chair pose, know what I mean?

It took some doing just getting me to the class.  I know I'm not the only one who hates going out at night when it's cold.  I have a very strong desire to just stay inside and play with kittens.  Or watch tv.  Or basically do anything that is slothful and comfy.  Maybe play with kittens AND watch tv at the same time.  While eating a cookie.

Unfortunately for my sloth[1], I've been feeling generally stiff and unwieldy.  I knew I really, really needed to get back to yoga.  So I had my power bar two hours ahead of time[2] (which only made me hungry so I also had a sliver of stollen, which is JD's fault for buying it) and toddled out into the dark.  And the cold.  Have I mentioned the cold?  It's brisk.

When I wasn't running internal bitchy commentary on the cold, I took a few minutes to notice and appreciate the Christmas lights.  I love this time of year for its lights!  I was thinking about maybe taking the dog for a walk one evening so we could check out all the neighborhood lights.  Not that we live somewhere fancy with million dollar lights.  But a lot of people put up at least a few strands, and I really love to see the neighborhood looking pretty.  Plus, dogs love walkies.  Well known fact.

[1] We have every other kind of animal, why not a sloth?

[2] Because real food makes me barf in yoga class.

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  1. Your yoga sounds somewhat like my trumpet playing. Which a person can do on her own time to her own standards.

    DVD? I have a video but it might be embarrassing to share (privately ask why if you care).