Saturday, December 25, 2010

Non-poseur dancing baby

I discovered a previously unknown talent today. I can make a baby dance. David, who spent the first several days of our visit in an unhappy state of mild colic / teething, today felt much better. And he wanted to DANCE. 

Now, David can't stand up yet. Or crawl. He gets from one place to another by rolling vigorously. But if you hold him up he can push up with his legs pretty well. Other kids might use the opportunity to get into trouble, reach illicit items, or try to impress the girls by taking a few steps. David, however, is using his knee bending skills to boogie down. Seriously. The boy has mad skills, as long as he gets a little help. 

So I spent a large portion of today causing my nephew to dance. He totally dug it, as evidenced by his huge smile. I don't know about you but I am powerless to resist a happy baby, so we danced until my arms pretty much gave out. I bet his tiny little quads are sore too. 

I think that was the most dancing action I've seen since JD and I took a swing class. Yay for dancing babies!

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