Monday, December 27, 2010

I couldn't help beating him, I'm pretty sure

JD is sick today.  (Nothing serious, Mom, don't worry.)  You have no idea how weird this is for us.  JD never gets sick.  And not only is he sick, but he's gimpy.  *I* am usually the gimpy one.  I fall off a horse, or down a mountain, or I throw my back out lifting something ridiculous.  JD is strong like bull.  He doesn't actually notice injuries trying to occur.  In fact he hurt his ankle in his sleep, so we have no idea how it happened.  My theory is I beat him up while we were both unconscious.

Also I am usually the sick one.  It is just bizarre to me to feel perfectly hale, if rotund, while my normally impervious beloved is honking his nose and talking all froggy.  And hogging the nyquil.  I have no idea what to do with him other than feed him and buy more nyquil.  I have no husband nursing experience.

I haven't gone back to reread, but didn't I predict that I would get sick over the holidays?  What with the sick children and the crowding of fellow travelers?  But no, I'm fine.  I almost wish I felt guilty about being all rosy cheeked and bouncy while JD feels like crap, but I am relishing the novelty of it.

In other news, the kittens have forgiven me for being scarce.  I spent this evening with Dory and sometimes Olli on my lap while I rewatched Eclipse with the writer's commentary.  Neither Dory nor Olli could figure out how to get the extended scenes to play.  Me neither, so we're kind of stumped.  But they're just kittens so it's not really fair to expect them to figure out how to use a remote yet.

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