Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We watch tv and we hope the dog holds down dinner.

JD and I are watching the X-files, season one.  Neither one of us watched it, back in the day.  We are starting with episode one and moving forward.

It's interesting to note the signs of the 90's.  Hairstyles, clothing, enormous telephones.  Stereotyped characters that weren't a stereotype yet.

The acting is wooden and horrible.  I remember watching later episodes and it wasn't like that, so obviously they got better.  But it's almost hilariously bad right now.

Before the tv watching, JD and I and the dog headed to the vet today.  Doggie has been refusing to eat on alternating days, and she didn't hold food down yesterday or this morning.  First possible diagnoses are pancreatitis or inflammatory bowel disease.   They got a stool sample while we were there and the poor dog is pooping blood and mucous.  Which, ew.  But also very bad.

So now we have anti-nause pills and antibiotic pills, and are waiting on the results of the first battery of tests.  If those don't pan out we have some even more expensive tests to do.  Yay!  Because we were wondering what to do with all of our money.

Oh, in addition to expensive tests we also need to buy expensive food.  Just which expensive food we aren't sure yet, but for the time being it's at least in the low-fat genre, in case of pancreatitis.  Sigh.

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