Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've been a bad, bad girl (apparently)

When I tried to post the link to my daily blog on facebook yesterday, I got a snippetty message telling me the page had been reported as spammy or abusive.  Which makes no sense since I had just written it.  I can't tell if my whole blog has been blocked, or maybe all of blogspot.  If it's my blog, I have no idea why.  I'm not selling anything, and I don't think I've been particularly abusive.

I have been posting a daily link to new blog entries, as requested by others on facebook.  If one of my "friends" reported that as spam I'm going to be pissed.  Why not just unfriend me?  Nobody is being forced to read the dang blog.

So anyway, if you used to follow links from facebook, sorry.  I apparently can't put them up anymore.

In other news I went to my first yoga class in a month.  Man that felt good!  I can touch my fingers across by back again!  I tried to do that last week and couldn't.    There were a lot of new people last night so the rest of us did a bunch of sun salutations and warrier poses and balance poses on our own.  Which, yeah, I could have done at home.  There's just something different about doing it at class.

Also?  Today it got up to 50 degrees out!  I didn't need my survival suit!  I took a walk with Alex and didn't even wear a hat.  It was awesome.  Of course, it's barely going to get above freezing tomorrow, and by Saturday the high will be only 27.  But I savored it today.  It was so nice out.  And it wasn't super dry, which meant that when I kissed JD, sparks didn't fly.  Sparks flying is less fun that it sounds, as it turns out.  All winter we kiss each other, then back away and say "Ow." 

Oh!  Oh!  Also also?  I signed up for a 5k race on April 30!  It's called Run Amuck.  It's a combination race / obstacle course.  Windy is doing it and it looked like so much fun I decided to do it too.  I don't care about the winning part, I'm just looking forward to the adventure.  There's a costume class, but I'm not doing that.  Seeing as how I've never run a 5k race before, let alone one with obstacles, I think just the non-costumed race will be plenty for me.  I do look forward to seeing how others dress.  Also there's a music festival at the same time.  So you run, (and climb walls and crawl through mud and stuff) then you change into non-muddy clothes, and you eat and listen to music.  What a cool idea.

I guess I need to do some running between now and then.  Or something.


  1. How cool! I'd love to enter one of these races someday, but right now I'm having a BLAST being the photographer. :-)

    I took photos at 2 runs last fall, the Tough Mudder NorCal, and the Warrior Dash NorCal. The Tough Mudder was held on the Bear Valley ski mountain and was VERY steep, and much longer (both in miles and obstacles). Think of it like a Special Forces or Marine training course. Warrior Dash was held along a creek in rolling hills (cattle ranching country) and was ~5k, the obstacles were much easier and the course was not nearly as steep. If you just wanted to do something like that one at a walk (no running) you could, just ask the organizer to make sure you aren't in the last heat of the day.

    As a photographer, I am always drawn to take more photos of people in costume. The costume doesn't have to be elaborate, but it definitely helps to be wearing something striking rather than just muddy clothes. Also, if you go with a friend (or group of friends), and you dress alike (as a team) and stick with each other thru the race and thru the obstacles, you will likely get photos of you guys together, as well as individual photos. For example, here are some photos I took of Team Awesome at Tough Mudder:

    And another team:

    Here are some photos from Warrior Dash:

  2. Neato, JC! I already signed up for non-costumed. Doesn't mean I can't dress funny though. :)