Saturday, January 22, 2011

What a nice day, despite what you'd think

Today was such a good day.  I wouldn't have thought that based on the morning, but it was really nice.

First I slept in until nearly eleven.  I got twelve hours of sleep!  Which I needed.  It felt *great*.  And then I went downstairs and JD cooked me some eggs.  Then I checked my email.

Pluto had destroyed his blanket.  It was in pieces.  Argh!  Abort plans!  I called over to Dover Saddlery in Crofton to see if they had the same model blanket available.  Nope.  I said "He's wide in the shoulder and barrel, but he's short.  He takes a 75. Got anything that would fit him?"  The agent suggested a "Full Fit".  They didn't have a 75, but they did have a 78.  I told her I'd take anything at this point.  She put it on hold for me.

So instead of heading out for a hike first thing, JD and I drove to Crofton.  We were in and out of the store in minutes.  The blanket was on sale because they're clearing out winter inventory.  With that and a bag of horse cookies to keep in JD's trunk, we were off to the barn.

The new blanket fits Very Nicely.  It's about 3 inches too long, which is to be expected seeing as how the size they had available was 3 inches too big.  But other than that it looks good. 

After that we continued with our original plan for the day, which began with hiking.  We strode macho-ly around the park in the cold.  JD didn't expect to see any other hikers but I knew better.  In fact we saw an average number of walkers and runners. 

On the way out we saw a Maryland license plate that said "GA 2 ME", which of course is an Appalachian Trail thruhiker license plate.  I took a picture.  And then immediately after that we saw a different car with a "2175" sticker on the bumper.  That's an AT sticker!  My people were there!  Makes sense though.  Most people have more sense than to go hiking when it's 20 degrees out.

About halfway through the walk we had both started getting hungry and thinking about Chanan's.  Mmm, Chinese buffet.  With a Mongolian grill.  Droooool.  We got to Chanan's after a short drive and there demolished the buffet.  It was originally supposed to be lunch, but with my late rising and our detour to Crofton, it was nearly 5 pm.  So we had dinner.  Having skipped lunch, I actually stayed within my calorie range for the day.  And that's its own little miracle, right there.

Doggie relaxing after a tough day of sleeping on the sofa.

MY PEOPLE!  Aw, love me some thruhikers.

The blanket that Pluto disassembled this morning.  Completely destroyed.

His handsome and suddenly purchased new blankie.

How he spent the morning wandering around.  Bit chilly for a sports bra if you ask me.  
Also?  Our dog likes popcorn.

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