Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What the hell Wednesday

Today was kind of scary. The chest pain I had yesterday continued, with bonus shortness of breath. A friend rather strongly suggested I get an EKG. My doctors office wasn't open, so the boss recommended I head over to the medical center on site.

There I lay shirtless on a gurney as three medical professionals attached things to me and determined that my EKG was totally normal, my blood oxygenation was excellent, and my pulse was in hummingbird range. Verdict was "probably stress", or a dissecting aortic aneurysm. One of those. I got a recommendation to follow up with my regular doctor.

I was relieved to hear I wasn't having a heart attack. I don't have a good legal way of relieving my stress. This isn't Texas so "he needed killing" would get me nowhere in court.

With all that going on I made an executive decision to come home early and pet a cat. So far, so good.

I'm exhausted, I think emotionally. But it's translating pretty well to physical exhaustion. Early bedtime is looking quite likely.

No funny stories today, Internet. I'm not in the mood.


  1. During the epic "Nightmare", I used to sit on the couch late at night feeling like I was having a heart attack. Worst chest pains of my life replete with pains running down my left arm, shortness of breath .. hard core. EKG showed that I was in perfect health. Panic attack is the best I could figure. It's simply amazing what stress can do to a person.