Thursday, November 4, 2010


I wore a hat nearly all day.  I didn't even think about it.  I didn't notice until I was in the car on the way home and I saw my reflection in the rear view mirror.  It's not a particularly nice hat, either.  It's just a black fleece watch cap type hat.

I gave up on stylish in favor of warm a number of years ago.  Especially when I have short hair.  To be fair, I work in a basement, and it's chilly in there.  When I go to other buildings I am prone to taking off a layer.  We're moving out of the basement in a few weeks (after more than a decade of occupancy) so my everpresent hat may disappear.

Seeing that hat in the mirror made me realize just how often I've worn a hat this year.  I bet my head has been covered more than it hasn't.  I wore a hat nearly all the time while hiking, and also while asleep on the trail to provide darkness.  Before that it was cold out, so I wore a hat most days.  My most naked head days have been since I got home from the trail.

I'm not really going anywhere with this, I just thought it was weird.  I wasn't raised to wear a hat.  I mean, I wasn't raised *not* to wear a hat either.  You just don't see my mom sitting around with a hat on.  But then she keeps her house warm.

Just noticed am still wearing hat. 

Well, it's chilly.  What you gonna do?

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