Monday, November 15, 2010

Beer and sherbet: I don't recommend it, but it works for me.

Could you hand me a beer, Internet?  Maybe a porter?  I feel like I deserve a frosty one.  In fact I handed myself a beer earlier.  I didn't really enjoy it, because immediately after I opened it JD suggested we go out to dinner.  And I was eager to do that so I chugged the beer and off we went.  Waste of a good beer, really.*  Pity.

The dinner out was fantastic, though.  A new buffet opened near us.  Near enough that if it hadn't been dark we would have walked.  Given the day I've had, I foresaw us being run down at the intersection, so we drove.  But it's close.  It has sushi (with fish!  which I can't say about the other buffet near us) and a Mongolian-ish grill, and I think nine buffet tables.  I pretty much stuffed myself.  Stress eating.  But yummy!  I had many sushis.  Also other things.**  But the sushi was the best part.  Also?  Rainbow sherbet.  A tiny little ball of it, all rolled up from the neat ice cream scooper thing.  I love tiny little balls of sherbet.

Stress eating actually relieved some of my stress, as did hollering.  It was a big restaurant so you could do some hollering without offending.  People just assumed I was raising my voice to be heard.  I bet.  Also JD is large enough to absorb some hollering without taking damage.

Trouble, our old bastardly cat, was not feeling well last night.  Twice (TWICE!)**** he fell off the sofa with thumping sounds, then howled very unhappily.  He howled with overtones of pain, confusion, and indignation.  I got up and checked on him both times.  I hate it when old bastards are pained and confused.  They are supposed to be mean and angry.  Pained and confused sounds make me feel sorry for them, and then I'm confused too.

Between lack of sleep, moving pains*****, and unwelcome new security restrictions, my day pretty much sucked until I got home.  Oh, and the migraine that my lack of sleep led to.  Sherbet may fix migraines.  I may have to keep some on hand for next time.

I raise my virtual beer to you, Internet.  And to tomorrow.  May it be a bright shiny new day****** with fewer problems and more smiles.*******

*Yuengling Black and Tan

**Such as fried plantain, fried spring rolls, and a fried wonton.  I also ate some non-fried food but who really cares about that?***

***I had some vegetables and fruit, Mom.

****The second time about an hour after the first time, at which point I had just barely fallen asleep again.  I would not call me well rested today.

*****Holy excrement I hate moving.

******It's supposed to rain.

*******The real kind, not the one I do right before I eviscerate somebody.  Also, may I drop the f-bomb less around my coworkers.

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