Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 2010 hike journal day three

Dick's Dome shelter

Today had some unexpectedly hard sections. But the weather was fantastic, so was the company, and the trail flew by. We did our nine miles in 6.5 hours total, including getting water and taking breaks. We're pretty happy about that.

Sky Meadow was slightly less pretty than I had hoped. The leaves were mostly gone. We enjoyed the big open space none the less. We were a little weirded out by the many snooty yuppies who passed us as we sat eating lunch.

Immediately after sky meadows was a "wildlife management" area, i.e. A hunting ground. I tied my blaze orange water bag to DeLee's pack, and right after that we heard lots of rustling. Three Hispanic men emerged from the woods carrying a deer tied to a branch. I called a halt for a few minutes so I didn't have to hike immediately behind the grisly procession.

Dinner was mashed potatoes with spam. I had pringles for an appetizer and a piece of chocolate for dessert. Mmm, nutrition. In my defense, I did have sprouts with lunch.

Tomorrow JD picks us up (after another day of hiking. ) I'm looking forward to returning to the world of a warm nose at night, vegetables, and chairs with backs. Frankly I don't feel grimy enough for a shower yet but I suppose I will just so they'll let me in at work on Monday. .

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