Friday, November 5, 2010

I'd step back if I were you

Did you ever take the SAT?  Do you remember what it felt like?  Frantically answering question after question, pummeling your brain for forgotten knowledge, making up answers if you just can't remember, carefully checking to make sure you're filling in the bubble for the correct question because god forbid you should be off by one and your life would be ruined forever?

Then the proctor makes you put your pencil down, and then you do it again.  The SAT has a lot of sections.

After taking the SAT, I left the building feel drained and a little lost.  Like maybe I had actually left a part of me back there in the booklets.  The brain part of me, if I had to guess.  I thought I would be happy to be done with it, maybe a little triumphant.  But no.  Sagging shoulders, empty head, sore all over from the physical tension that is the result of thinking really hard.

What I'm saying here is it was pretty rough.  The sort of thing you need to recover from.

My job right now is like taking the SAT every day, combined with frantic "oh crap Mom's going to be here any minute" housecleaning.  Every.  Day.  And I expect it to be like that through the beginning of December.

My coworkers are going to have to develop a sysadmin synonym for "going postal" if they don't leave me the hell alone to get my job done.  F-bombs are about to start flying around.

Also, am really sick of chivying others into doing what they need to do*.  Am starting not to care if they survive the month or not.

*There is a single bright shining exception whose name I can't use because I haven't asked, and it's kind of rude to call somebody out on a blog that way.  But her initials are DM.  :)**

**I just thought of another exception.  KS.  But this will not stop me from going sysadminny all over everybody else.

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