Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things I am thankful for: 2010

Y2K turned out to be No Big Deal.
Although they are not the same horse or same dog that they were ten years ago, I still have a great horse and a great dog.
I'm married to a wonderful man I've known since he was in his teens, and he has only gotten better with time.
My parents are still alive, plus I married into a second mother and grandmother.  And I hope to see all of them soon, and get the kind of hugs you can't get anywhere else.

Thanks to the generosity of others (mostly my husband and my boss, but also of other family, friends, and strangers along the way) I was able to hike for five months of this year, and it was one of the greatest gifts of my life.  I know it's not for everyone, but if you have the chance and it's something you're interested in, do it.  If nothing else, being in the middle of natural beauty all the time is good for the soul.  And not having a job for a long period of time is restful for the brain.

The aforementioned boss is still good, going on 17 years in.  Thanks, boss.

I feel lucky to be content with what I have.  Not that I'm poor, far from it.  But I know plenty of others who constantly hunger for more.  A fancier car, a bigger house, a more important job.  I have things I love now.  My beloved, if dinged up, Eddy.  My creaky old Gothic Revival Victorian house.  My role as a sysadmin.  They work for me.

And my friends.  The ones who are there for me day after day.  The one who texted me first thing this morning to wish me a happy Thanksgiving.  The ones I seldom see, but when I do it's like we were never parted.  Love you all.  Thanks.

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