Thursday, November 25, 2010

Warning: Incoming Urges

I am slowly but irrevocably getting into a Christmas mood.  It's been dark outside all day.  We have delicious foods cooking.  I'm drinking red wine.  "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is playing on iTunes.  I crave the bite of cold air on my skin, the winter crowds merrily walking around the shops, the speculation on what presents my nieces might like.

Until today I had not felt it.  But now.. watch out world!  Christmas is coming, and I am ready.(1)

1)  Coworkers, be warned that Christmas lights are going up as soon as I find them in my boxes.  Also, I may hum Christmas tunes and/or be in a good mood.  This is your only warning.

1 comment:

  1. I'm feeling so much better about your page views. When you first started, I wrote a script that jacked them from around 50 to 500. You were so concerned that I just had to do it! But the other 3,000 is not me!