Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanks for yoga, India. Seriously. You rock with the stretching.

My friend L convinced me to make time to go to yoga tonight rather than working late(r).  And I feel a lot better.  Not stress-free, but better.  I don't think the tight knot around my heart is going to go away until December.  But I could feel tense muscles all over my body letting go as the teacher led us through the many poses. 

As much as I've worked my butt off for the last couple of weeks, it's amazing my pants stay up.*

Today is WedFriday for me.  Tomorrow JD drops me and Delee off on the trail and we have several days of my personal choice of relaxation, which is hiking up and down mountains all day.  It's difficult enough to keep my mind occupied and prevent me from thinking about things that might bug me, and it's tiring enough that I'll sleep like a log at night.  Combine that with several days with a wonderful friend, and it's all I could want.**

I was amused by several people who today who were shocked that I was hoping to walk thirty miles.  THIRTY MILES?  ON FOOT?***  And I was thinking we were doing super low mileage.  Non hikers are astounded whenever anybody walks farther than the parking lot.

I spent all day packing boxes for the upcoming move at work.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to hurt tomorrow.  Which is okay.  I need to use my upper body more.  All the hiking I did this year left me with T. Rex arms.  The riding hasn't helped much in that department, either.  Horse people get strong upper bodies through farm work, not riding.  I pay somebody else to feed Pluto.  Now I am a weakling.  Serves me right.*****

*I'm so hip, I can't see over my bum.

**That, and a coke.

***Or on your butt, depending on severity of terrain.****

****Maybe I talk about heinies too much.

*****Still, I feel like all those years of toting hay and water and what not should have counted for something.  Alas, bodies do not give credit for previous activities.

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