Friday, November 19, 2010


Today was *much* better.  Two Xanax better, as a matter of fact.  After that I was brave enough to check my phone messages.  I discovered that all those times The Tool called, that I didn't answer?  He didn't leave messages.  I guess it wasn't that important.

Things went wrong, though.  Firewall rules I begged for didn't get implemented.  X servers mysteriously didn't start.  I had to put a server on my desk and the fan is freaking loud.  But the good news is I was out of my office for much of the day, so nobody could find me.  Human interaction is not my favorite thing right now.

I convinced six friends to go the new buffet, and they all vigorously agree that it is good.  I fear for my beloved Chanan.  It is small, and family friendly, and a dollar more expensive.  It may die.

At home this evening I was greeted with appetizers.  We had appetizers for dinner.  It was delicious if not nutritionally sound.  JD used up most of the frozen appetizers we had gotten for our disastrous Halloween party.  So I got to have samosas and things made out of puff pastry and also pigs in blankets for dinner.  Also most of a bottle of wine.*  I may be a little cross eyed.  I may be regretful tomorrow.**

I actually had time to pee today, which led me to discover that the women's room in the new building has been spruced up:

Would m'lady care for tea?

Also, now I have the hiccups.

*Clos du Bois merlot

**If I say I'm never going to drink again, I'm lying.


  1. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better...

  2. So where is this new buffet? Is it better than Chanan's?

  3. It's at the intersection of 450 and Carter Ave. It's larger and newer than Chanan's of course. Chanan's has a better Mongolian Grill, includes the drinks, has better szechuan green beans.. I don't know . I like them both.