Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Now with extra pollen and secure authentication

I determined early on today that my back felt not.. quite.. right.  I went over to the chiropractor's shortly after they opened and she diagnosed me with a mild back strain.  I'm going back in the morning and will make further plans from there.  For right now, horseback riding is off the table.  Not that horseback riding is inherently bad for my back, it's just that this particular horse is a wee bit unpredictable.  I can't afford to wrench my spine around at the moment.

If my back spasm hasn't resolved by Friday night, Run Amuck will also be off the table.  I told the doc about Run Amuck and my upcoming backpacking trip, which is why I'm going back to see the doc tomorrow instead of waiting.  We're going to try to get my back in functional condition by this weekend.  And it *has* to be better by next weekend.  A week of backpacking with a back already strained is not at the top of my list of fun things to do.

Doc prescribes the Cobra position to stretch.  We shall see.  Typically Cobra hurts in the same area where it hurts now.  Not a good hurt, either.

I was pleased that today's migration of our RSA server from one network to another went pretty well.  I have one remaining problem, which is that it doesn't seem to be starting all the correct processes at boot time.  I can't find where they were supposed to start, and I'm not convinced they were being started automatically before.  The machine had been up for 244 days before I moved it, which is about 90 days longer than I've been managing it.  So maybe the admins had been logging in and manually starting the processes.  It's a mystery.

Honestly I thought that by this point I would only be finished recovering the machine after it totally failed in transit due to motherboard failure or the like.  That sort of stuff happens when you don't have redundancy.  The machines just know.  They die when it's least convenient.  I was happily surprised when it booted at all.

After I eventually got home this evening (late, due to the aforementioned mystery), JD wandered into the sunroom to stow the catfood he had just purchased.  He stopped, stunned.  The cats had somehow exploded their Corelle bowl all over the room.   We spent a while sweeping up tiny little white shards of ceramic.  We wondered if the bowl had spread that far on its own or if the cats had played with it.

Going by their litterbox, which has a dome, I think it's clear that they played with the shards.  Either that or they've started pooping eggshells.
I don't know if this happened by you today, but everywhere I went there was oak pollen.  It fell all at once.  I'm amazed I didn't hear a "whoomp".  Actually, I lie.  It had to have fallen in two whoomps.

My steps this morning, pollinated
Steps this evening, now with extra pollen

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