Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Visa bill is going to have many digits

Wow, it turned out to be unexpectedly nice today.  I hope my luck continues into tomorrow, because I still didn't get out to see Pluto.  I remembered halfway through the afternoon that I needed to go to the gym at least once this week, so I did that.  Whether or not Tara and I can ride tomorrow, I'll still go give Pluto a little TLC. 

The weekend isn't looking so hot for riding, either.  What's up with our weather?  It's looking like another one of those years when it will be challenging to find opportunities to mow in between rainstorms.  (Not that this is currently my problem.  Husband came with a riding mower and the will to cut grass. )

Talking to DeLee about our trip in May, she asked me to fish out my tarp for her to carry.  That way we can eat lunch in relative comfort even if it's pouring - which it's starting to look like it may be.  Oy.  Ah well.  That's why one has a tarp.  Or rather, that's why I do.  I guess others may have the tarp to actually sleep under.  I used to, but now I like the creatures to be less comfortable with me.

I may have to make a tarp decision.  I can't remember for sure, but I think one of them is 12x12, and one is 6x9.    The one is a little too big for two and the other is a little too small.  I generally err on the side of too small for weight savings.

I will be watching the weather carefully as our starting date approaches.  What are the chances we'll have the one dry week of spring to hike in?  Slim to none?

I've been busy with the shopping, too.  I have ordered a pair of Keen trail runners off of www.zappos.com.  I haven't found any in stores to try on, but my Keen boots fit my hobbit feet very nicely so I have hopes.  Life's tough for a hobbit with fallen arches.

After DeLee gave me a talking to, I have also ordered a new water bladder.  My old one wasn't really that old, but I've avoided using it ever since I had to use the backup iodine in it last fall.  It just kind of tastes nasty now.  And so I've been carrying Nalgene bottles (which I don't intend to do while backpacking) and getting a wee bit dehydrated because I don't drink as often.  DeLee gently pointed out that I was being an idiot and told me to buy a new platypus, already.  Which I have done, so I should be happily hydrated soon.  Also?  Did you know the polyethylene Nalgenes are like half the weight of the polycarbonate Nalgenes?  I sure didn't!  I needed a wide mouth bottle in which to use my Steripen, and now I have one, and it doesn't weigh very much at all.

I gave my new western mountaineering alpinlite another chance last night.  I'm keeping it.  I don't know why I felt constrained in it the other night in bed, but it felt fine when I lay in it on the guest bed.  Possibly my bed has too much of a Mama Bear thing going on and I sleep differently in it.  Possibly I need to fix that.

I also need to finish seamsealing my new lightheart tent or I'm going to have to take a different tent on May's jaunt.  I do still have several tents, despite selling off a bunch of stuff on ebay.  If I end up taking the old tent, I should probably just go ahead and take the two man Squall.  It weighs about the same as the one man Rainbow, and why should DeLee carry a tent if she'd fit in mine?  But the weather gets the last say when it comes to seamsealing.

The other reason I hope the weather clears up is that our bumper crop of pollen is putting a crimp in my lifestyle.  Like I don't already take enough pills, I also have to take Claritin?  You should have seen my car this morning.  It was solid yellow from bumper to bumper.  I got in and started the car, and as I backed up you could see drifts of pollen forming into small clouds around my car.  It was gross and disturbing.  Pollen should not eddy.  Pollen should not imitate a sandstorm.  Pollen should do its business and let the rest of us move on with our non-headachey lives.

That sounds a lot more negative than I feel right now (because I had that Claritin this morning) so I'd like to end with this announcement.  I had PIE!  JD felt inspired and made strawberry pie for dessert tonight.  Mmm, pie.

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