Sunday, April 17, 2011

My weekend in pictures (warning: mostly food)

I was pretty bummed about not backpacking this weekend.  DeLee took me to REI and then Sushi King on Saturday to cheer me up.  It worked remarkably well.

Sunday we drove up to Comus and dayhiked around Sugarloaf Mountain

Hello.  I have nostrils.

I do not mind saying that the views were freaking fantastic.

Also?  Insanely beautiful.

We thought we were mostly alone until we stopped for a break, and then 40 or 50 people showed up.

As soon as they left, another 10 or 20 stopped by.

You know they were all mad jealous of my freshly prepared egg salad sandwich (made with Easter eggs).

DeLee may have dubed about the eggs.

Sugarloaf, even sans views, is pretty scenic hiking.

Between those two trees, waaaay off in the distance, you can just see Oz.

DeLee was also inspired to take some pictures.

This was just the view from the parking lot!

We did carry backpacks.. just not big ones.

A good day was had by all two of us
DeLee had a really hard time deciding on a sandwich at Roy's Place afterward.
I didn't.  This was the Miss Nellie Bee.  It was really messy to eat.  Also, delicious.

DeLee claims hers was delicious, but how can a sandwich that unmessy be really great?

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