Thursday, April 7, 2011

I wish to fall off the milkshake wagon now.

The good news:  my dad's surgery went really well.  And Dad is feeling pretty perky, due to what sounded like maybe really good drugs.  Also JD made a fair approximation of sticky rice and mango, and it was ready to eat when I walked in the door tonight.

The bad news: (There's a lot of it, I'm going to have to use numbers.)
1) Congress canNOT get its crap together, and so I'm probably out of a job next week.
2) My government agency isn't handling it particularly well.
3) Nor is my contractor.
4) Olli is trying to kill my printer.
5) Somebody barfed on a wool rug.
6) The dog peed in the house twice -once who knows why, and once because I yelled at her.
7) Both times, she hit wool rugs.
8) The dog and possibly the cats pulled down the garbage can and had their way with the contents.

I was pretty mellow when I got home from work due to a nice after-work yoga class.  But now I'm all tense and kind of pissed off.  I'm thinking it's going to be one of those "take drugs to sleep" kind of nights.  In my case, the drug is just Benadryl so it's not like I'm going hardcore.  But it's still a drug.

Oh but in other good news?  I'm half a pound lighter.  You can't tell by looking, of course, but I know it's not there.


  1. I swear, you have such bad times with mammal pets, you need reptiles instead... if you're going to have pets.

    I guess I'm saying you never talk about how happy pets make you?