Wednesday, January 11, 2012

That's a might fine can you got there, ma'am.

Do I feel domestic or what?  I've been shopping for a trash can.  For days.  I didn't think I had it in me to think about trash cans for that long.  But I know what I want, and I'm not stopping until I find it.

We have pretty specific trash can needs at our house.  Because of the dog and one or more cats (I have my suspicions), we need a trash can that is tall, heavy, and hard to topple.  For JD's cooking needs, it needs to be open so he can throw things in with no fuss.  For my cleaning needs, it needs to have a lid that acts as a backstop to catch anything that's flying high.

I don't think this is it, yet, but this is pretty close to what we want:

It's a little deeper front to back than what we have now, and I'm concerned it will stick out into the room too much.  But otherwise it's almost perfect.

This one is pretty nice too.  Not as tall, but also with a smaller footprint, which I like.

Now I just have to convince myself to spend over $100 on a trash can.  I've had my current $13 trash can for quite a long time, but it's hard to keep clean, and despite the lengths we've gone to (raising it off the floor, putting bricks in to make it heavier, wedging it between the cabinets and a table) the dog still occasionally gets into it.  Which, yes, is annoying.  But more importantly it could be health threatening.  Between the dog's inflammatory bowel condition and the possibility of poisonous-to-dogs substances in the trash, I kind of freak out whenever I come home to find the trash can overturned.

This is definitely a first world problem.


  1. Duct tape, 20 pound sandbag and the box that the $100 trash can came in?

    Just saying, but I am not saying..

  2. I'm certain that would work well and last a long time.