Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sometimes I get messages

JD is out and about this weekend doing nerd things.  Not that I'm not a nerd.  I am.  But we are differently nerdy.  That's not my point.  My point is that I'm solo this weekend, for a few more hours anyway.  I desperately needed some alone time.  As an introvert, just being around people is tiring for me, even if they're people I love dearly.  And so I look forward to my occasional days on my own.

Ironically as soon as JD clears the doorstep I miss him.  Despite the four cats and two dogs, the house is too quiet.  I suddenly have oodles of free time and nothing to do.  It seems like when I have time to sit and think, I never think about positive things.  I dwell.  When I *don't* have time to think, I manage to eke out a few thoughts, a blog post, an email, and I'm creative.  I come up with solutions.  I make jokes.  I'm just generally more proficient.

Why is it that I have to be a little annoyed to be proficient?

So I'm sitting here in my quiet household.  I had planned to go see Pluto, then stop by DeLee's and pick her up on my way to RoadRunner Sports, to try to find replacement trail runners because my current model had been discontinued.  And then we were going to stop in at the Perfect Pour to see if they had any gluten free beers I hadn't tried, and maybe pick up some hard ciders.  And DeLee was going to feed me some of the super hot chili she had just made.  An excellent plan for a Sunday.  And the weather is great, which always makes me happy.

I remembered that the oil light had come on in Eddy (again.)  The first time the light came on (a couple of weeks ago), it went right back out. I checked the oil and it wasn't low, so I discussed it with JD but put the issue on the back burner.  It came on again yesterday when I started the car.  Fortunately I wasn't far from home, so I drove it the two miles back.  But I intend to drive it no farther than the mechanic's shop before I find out what's wrong with it.  Oil pressure sensor?  Oil filter?  Something more evil?

The backup vehicle is Rabies, JD's truck.  I grabbed the horse cookies from Eddy and trudged through Shirley's yard to Rabies.  And cranked the ignition, and got that disappointing "Rurr,rurr,.. thud" of a nearly dead battery.  Something isn't right with the truck.  JD put a deep cycle battery in it last year so it can be recharged if it runs low, but it's running low far too often.  I don't think that the truck is charging the battery at all.  Sigh.

I trudged back through Shirley's yard and dropped the horse cookies and my mug of coffee onto the roof of the Miata, and went inside to find the keys for it.  No keys were visible.  I texted JD.  "Where are the keys to the Miata?" ...  "In my pocket."  Well, crap.  The search for the spare key revealed nothing, other than that a Chrysler key and a house key were in the bottom of the umbrella bucket.  Also, there were 10 hiking poles in the umbrella bucket.  I may have a pole problem.

The only remaining car, other than the one JD is driving, doesn't have brakes at the moment.

I figured I'd tell DeLee she'd have to drive, but right about then she texted me that she wasn't feeling well.

You know what?  I may not take the first clue, but if you hit me upside the head with enough clue bats, I will eventually figure out what's going on.  The universe is saying something to me.  It's saying "STAY HOME" and it's saying it pretty loudly.  Once I recognized this, I gave in.  Fine, universe.  I'll stay home today.  Today shall be a day of rest.  A zero day, in hiker parlance.  I don't know why, exactly, the universe needs me to be at home today, but at home I will be.

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