Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 year in review

It was a pretty momentous years in a lot of ways.  Perhaps I should say it was traumatic.  I stopped riding due to my back.  We got a Schnork.  I got massively ill and discovered I couldn't tolerate gluten anymore.  Dad went into the hospital and did great, and then went back into the hospital (not so much with the great.  But he ended up being okay.)  At the very end I got the news that yes, maybe I could ride again.  

Through it all, I was hiking, being comforted by cats and Beauty and the Schnork (or I was comforting the Schnork, which is sort of comforting), hanging out with Pluto though I wasn't riding, going on dates with JD, watching Alex get married, spending time with DeLee, and being thankful for my neighbors, friends, and family.

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