Monday, August 29, 2011

In which I finally get home, and I am tired

I am home.  I am too tired to write a blog so this is not a blog.

JD's car engine is trashed.  They did actually pull the spark plugs and used a breaker bar to try to get it to turn, and nothing.  They have to order a new engine.  It will take a while.

With that established we rented a car.  Amazing that they actually had one, and they came to get us minutes after we called.  In fact just about everybody involved in our extended stay was incredibly nice and helpful, except the passing policeman and the tow operator's coworker, who (correctly) thought that we were four letter word idiots.  And with the blue sky today, New York was really pretty.  So I must say that my opinion of New York (aside from the Appalachian Trail, and the Adirondaks where I worked) has been significantly improved by our problems there.

Anyway this is not a blog, this is a picture post.  All pictures by or of me on or near the Appalachian Trail in Maine.  Not in order, either, because the software isn't good at that.  And not even labelled.  It's Maine.  There ya go.

PS I took over 400 pictures so just be grateful I didn't post them all.

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